Thursday, September 12, 2013

Autumn Loves

I am the middle of a great knitting project. I'm working on the Ombre Cowl from Ravelry that I posted earlier this week. My only change to the original plan....I switched out the black mohair for an inky, deep eggplant. Love the depth of the color!

I just found an amazing pattern on Etsy for this "Genevieve" cowl/snood. Available for purchase, from the beautiful shop AtelierTPK, in PDF form....this is one of the prettiest patterns I've come across and it's ideal for both beginners and advanced knitters! Worn loose or cozily wrapped....I simply love this....just a stunning project idea! Happy Knitting! xo

Love this cowl? Purchase the pattern at this great Etsy shop....AtelierTPK


  1. I have never bought a knitting pattern as there are so many available online free; however, this Etsy shop may have just changed my mind. The patterns are beautiful!

  2. Karen, thank you very much for featuring my Genevieve Cowl design, and for all your kind words, I appreciate it!

    Gina, thank you for your order, enjoy the patterns!

  3. Elena..You are very welcome! Love your patterns...they are just amazing!