Saturday, June 29, 2013

Break In The Rain

It was crazy rainy here yesterday....close down roads, divert traffic rainy. But today it's in the high 60's and  sunny so I'm planting a bit. I love fresh herbs. I previously potted lemon thyme, sweet basil, rosemary and cilantro. Yesterday I found some orange mint so I just potted that now...perfect for iced tea. I love saving old tins and things to plant in...they sort give my potting area some texture and color. I'm getting a little addicted to gardening this year. Happy Weekend! xo

Friday, June 28, 2013

Midsummer Night's Dream's not nearly midsummer yet but this is just I would love this backyard! The last couple of days, I've been dodging raindrops and working on my potting station, plants and perennials. I'm dreaming of a cozy area with a vintage vibe...perfect for music and reading. What's on your playlist? I'm addicted to "Of Monsters and Men"...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Exposed Brick & All...

I've always wanted a potting station. I love terracotta pots, herbs, exposed brick...the idea of always being ready to get a planting project started. The weathered look of a great area for working. A place to rest your iced tea...or to set up a chair and read by. A place like this...

The roped detailing on the edging is really pretty here.....from Seibert & Rice.

Though I love the simplicity of true aged terracotta, this vintage inspired look is great as well..... from The Virginia House on Etsy. Great finds in this charming shop.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How it Stacks Up

I love simple jewelry. Clean, crisp lines. Attention to the smallest detail. It's what I wear daily. I admire big statement items on others....I just find that I always pick for myself very streamlined pieces.

I am obsessed with stacking rings. I love them grouped together or worn individually. There's a shop on Etsy called Clementine that has amazing rings all custom made to order. The artist works in sterling and 14K carat solid gold and the stones are beautifully set. I love the slightly hammered, organic feel to the bands. Truly stunning offerings....

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lure of a Good Book....

I spend lots of time scouring over reading lists. I love reading reviews of much anticipated books that are due out for release....especially those from first time authors. I purchased two books this past weekend on my Kindle. One is from a new author and the other I've read once before.

The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls is on recommended reading lists everywhere! First time author Anton DiSclafani is enjoying amazing reviews of this work about The Great Depression, a wealthy Southern teen's turmoil at home that lands her at boarding school and the angst of the time she lives in. I cannot wait to start it later today.

I also purchased Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfield. I loved American Wife so I'm very excited about Sittenfield's new novel (release date tomorrow, June 25th) about two sisters who share the ability of ESP and have very different thoughts on whether their gift should be disclosed.

I just finished The House at Riverton. Great read by Kate Morton. I was worried that I would not enjoy it as much as The Forgotten Garden but it was equally as amazing.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Outdoor Days

Our summer here has started breezy and mild....I've so appreciated these days and evenings sitting outside with a light sweater & knitting. At night, on the patios, I love the coziness of outdoor candles! These are so great from Olive & Cocoa. The lichen moss and distressed wood add such great layers of texture and warmth.

I've been on a yarn hunt as of late. I found this fantastic Etsy shop, located in the UK, that creates stunning handspun yarn. The artist uses a huge array of natural fibers. Grey Bird Studio offers really unique yarn that is simply beautiful.

love the subtle hues spun throughout this yarn!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Room Without Books....

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero.

I am constantly in the middle of a book. I can't not be. I also always need to have my next book lined up. I'm currently reading Kate Morton's "The House at Riverton." I am super excited to next read "Sisterland" by Curtis Sittenfield. I just purchased this large "Read." sign to hang in the corner by my favorite cozy reading chair. Slightly reminds me of a vintage library sign. I bought it from a great artist on Etsy who has a shop called Off On My Tangent. It goes nicely placed over an over-sized mahogany trimmed chalkboard that I grabbed years ago from Pottery Barn.

I love this wooden can custom select your color choices. I requested the burnt orange period to coordinate with the throw pillows on my reading chair.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Perfect Afternoon

I love a breezy day reading on the patio...a simple lunch outside and iced tea. I had yarn delivered today. Over the past weekend I came across Tahki Jackson yarn that had been both the silver that I'm currently using for a deliciously over-sized cowl... as well as a warm copper & brown color.  I purchased three skeins of the excited for a new project!

Delivered this wool yarn!

It seems that there are plants blooming in the yard that have not bloomed in several summers. Next to the patio drapes the prettiest tall bush....I love these dense white flowers! A bit similar to the peonies we have...these though grow more abundantly and reach about six feet high.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Outdoor Retreats

One of my favorite things about my home is that we have three areas to sit outside and enjoy a breezy day. Our front porch is covered and I love that during a big rainstorm. Our upper porch in the back of the house is pretty to have coffee after dinner. And our back patio is my work in progress to landscape. This patio was not there when we purchased the house six years ago. So, each year I add to the perennial flower bed a bit. Hostas are my favorite for their hardy abundance but I love adding color as well. 

I am not a fan of fencing so I love that, on all sides, ours are obscured by climbing vines and greenery. It adds a bit of privacy and looks really lush and pretty. 

This wall of crawling vine is my favorite. It stays vibrant nearly all year.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Relaxed Weekend

I love a casual welcoming home. My perfect idea of decorating is a layered approach where you are surrounded by items you truly adore. Ever since my first apartment years and years ago, I've loved collecting pottery and I am obsessed by kitchen linens. Tiny details that I just love coming home to.

I'm a huge fan of the combination of earthenware and gold leaf that can be found in the studio items from Up In The Air Somewhere on Etsy. Such an amazing treasure of offerings!

Love the warmth and organic feel of this bowl.

There's a Los Angeles based shop on Etsy called Dreamy Cottage. They have great vintage inspired kitchen linens just that add the perfect accent. Outstanding quality and texture!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mark Your Spot

I love the little things about knitting that to me are amazing. Well crafted needles that have beautiful hardwood tones, handspun fibers and stitch markers in gold, silver, bronze and copper. All of these elements add such warmth. I love stitch markers especially that have a natural, organic feel....perfect for marking your spot but at one with the yarn as well.

Love these beautiful snag free, polished markers from Lady Danio on Etsy.

Oxidized bronze & faceted glass stitch markers from St. Katherine's on Etsy.

I love this hand spun Opulent yarn from Ozark. The texture and colors in this mohair/wool blend are just stunning. I'm always looking for warm neutrals and Buck A Roo is my very favorite.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Retreats

I love a perfect spot outside to read. It may be my favorite thing about summer. Whether at home or traveling, I always hunt out a quiet area. We go to Lake Placid every July and it's breezy and tucked in the mountains and ideal for a blanket & a good book. Home of both the 1932 and the 1980 Olympics, this tiny town is the coziest place to visit. You can bike or walk anywhere with no need to even glance at your car.

Love these cheery plaid blankets from Pendleton! So classic...

Every summer I have a good list set up of warm weather reading. I love having it planned out. I'm still reading "The House at Riverton"  and next I'm on to "Rules of Civility." Nothing though outshines "Pride and Prejudice" which I could re-read a million times....

I love this....and use it every day! "Mr. Darcy Proposal Mug" from Brookish on Etsy.

Monday, June 10, 2013

White Hot

Great weekend for knitting. The Tony Awards were on last night. I was so happy to have a cozy evening to peek at patterns and get a bit closer to finishing the cowl I'm working on. I love this amazing white merino wool scarf from The Purl Bee. It's chunky, drapes perfectly....just terrific! Knitted in a "Rosette" stitch....Purl Bee has included the free pattern as well.

Snowflake Scarf...perfectly soft!

Do you have a favorite summer item that you were every day? I love silver and white in the summer months and these luminous earrings are great on a hot day. From DeezignStudio on Etsy....I love how the silver is wire wrapped! Such great detailing!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Polka Dot Preppy

I so look forward to buying teacher gifts! My daughters are blessed with wonderful teachers and I love saying thank you for their dedication and hard work. Whether the holidays or end of year....I try to pick out really great gifts that are artist created and from a small business. My favorite is Bella Bee Designs. I buy from this Etsy shop owner all the time and I'm never disappointed. Her potholders are the perfect mix of hip and vintage inspired. She uses super charming Amy Butler fabrics that are vibrant and rich. Everything arrives wrapped so pretty....and there are coordinating aprons as well. Such a great shop! xo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Home Stretch

Just another week....and school will be over for my daughters. In the last two days, I've made a medieval castle... with a working drawbridge... for my oldest and a Helen Keller outfit for my youngest. My only vacation in the last six months was my hour road trip to Trader Joe's in Rochester on Monday. I need wine or a beach or something where I don't cut and glue....

When I'm flustered, Anthropologie makes me happy....I love these Kandalini sandals. They are beautiful...the bead work is just so pretty! With a dress or cuffed boyfriend jeans... perfect!

Yesterday I was featuring yarn bowls and I since came across this super charming one that says "Knit Purl"'s so sweet. Love these bowls for when you're knitting outside in the warm weather and you need to keep your yarn safe & clean. Created by Muddyheart on Etsy.

I'm always looking for new handspun yarn and I love a bulky, unique texture. HookaholicHandspun on Etsy has really great yarns to peek at. It looks super soft and I love the variation throughout. Happy Knitting! xo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yarn Ideas

I love the idea of a yarn bowl! These pretty, glazed bowls hold your yarn in place so it doesn't roll across the floor or become victim in a game of chase with your dog or cat. Yarn bowls usually have different slits and openings. You can put it through a slit so it can be removed whenever you would like or thread it through a hole but then it stays there until your project is completed. Etsy has a wonderful selection of yarn bowls...often you can customize the size or glaze. Love these! xo

This Yarn Bowl is from the Etsy shop MorninGloriPottery

Love this bowl & it's beautiful glaze! From BearHollowPottery on Etsy.

Etsy shop, AntB, offers this beautiful bowl in a warm nutmeg glaze! Love!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ocean Blue

I am not a fan of switching handbags every time I go out. I always seem to leave something...a favorite lipstick, mints or a store gift the bag I don't happen to have with me. So, I stick with the same bag quite often. I have a couple of favorites and I love this Yosi Samra leather bag in caramel and turquoise. It has a casual, unstructured cut to it that still looks totally streamlined. Outstanding workmanship....Yosi Samra is my favorite for shoes and bags!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy June!

The weekend has arrived and here are some of my favorite things for Saturday. I completely love this Calertne fingerless glove pattern from Knittyspin. The pattern instructions are detailed and beautifully explained. I love fingerless gloves and these are just amazing!

I am thinking of using a warm hued yarn that is mix of different burnt orange tones. I love the yarns offered by Bohoknitterchic on Etsy. This is one of my very favorite creations from this great shop!

Earlier this week, I was hosting book club, so I popped into Anthropologie and I picked up this yummy candle from Voluspa. Their candles are so pretty and they smell amazing! Macaron is my's warm and buttery smelling....slightly spicy.....perfect!