Friday, February 28, 2014

Small Details

I was watching a movie the other evening that opened with a quote from the haunting Edgar Allan Poe poem The Raven:

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary..."

I think I'm starting to find this winter a bit long and dismal. And dreary. 

So I decided I needed a good house project...something to warm things up a bit. I started by first ripping up the rug in the bedroom. A previous owner covered the beautiful hardwood with a flat brown carpet. So, that long overdue change was my first move. Carpet gone....a new color scheme was needed. I love grey but sometimes find it too cool, a bit austere. But lately I've seen it paired with tan. While I would have thought the warm and cool don't work....I was totally wrong. They create such a great balance! So, I've worked a bit with what I have, hunted through the attic for tucked away linens and added some new purchases. Although this is a project that will take a bit of time...I'm all happy for some new details.  

For starters, I ordered a super soft throw blanket from Pottery Barn that is done in a great knit stitch. The color is Smoke Grey. I already had two grey wool cable knit pillows that I loved. I added those in with a large black faux fur bolster pillow that is perfect for reading. I found two amazing decorative pillows at TJMaxx/Home Goods. One is a shimmery tan with a grey print. The other is cream with grey sequins in a tile design. I feel like I'm well under way....

Happy Weekend! xo

My more than slightly frozen street...

Pottery Barn Blanket in Smoke Grey.

Cozy pillows for the tan reading chair.

Cable knit pillow that I found at Pottery Barn years ago. Sequin pillow from Home Goods.

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