Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Favorite Thing

Sometimes you buy something and you just don't wind up loving it the way you thought you would. (I used to do that with cute little winter knit hats until I realized...under no circumstances...and despite how great they look on other women....am I ever a hat person.)

Other things you buy...and adore...and give as gifts. And then give as more gifts. That's how I feel about this little fabric bag I grabbed for my car about five years ago from The Mod Mobile on Etsy. It's the perfect little trash bag that hangs from your car shift and it's pretty and neat and super useable. I love that it has little plastic liners for emptying quickly and cleanly. It never gets sticky or yucky. I've had mine five years and the Amy Butler fabric has never faded. It literally looks like new.  At just $19, it's the perfect teacher gift for the end of the school year! Take a peek at this amazing shop here on Etsy.

Love this one...great fabric!! xo

Mine after years of use...still amazing condition!

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