Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Perfect Afternoon

Yesterday was a perfect afternoon. My youngest daughter is nine and as we had an entire breezy day with no urgent plans...I decided it would be great to spend the afternoon at home & teach Lily how to knit. I was not at all certain if this yarn adventure would be successful or not. Lily, like an 5th grader on a sunny summer day, might be easily lured away by some distraction or another. She's also left handed and I am not.  I appealed to the shopper in her and told her to go look through my vast collection of yarn and pick out a few balls that she would like. Who isn't mesmerized by yarn and all the endless possibilities.....

She started with a grey and purple blended yarn that she selected because it's fuzzy....

Lily caught on so quickly....both to casting on and a simple knit stitch. Just three hours later...she was so proud of her finished work! Next up on her list...this pretty berry colored Lamb's Pride yarn from Brown Sheep.

Perfectly perfect!

Lamb's Pride: Great teaching yarn....soft blend of wool & mohair.

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