Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Home Stretch

Just another week....and school will be over for my daughters. In the last two days, I've made a medieval castle... with a working drawbridge... for my oldest and a Helen Keller outfit for my youngest. My only vacation in the last six months was my hour road trip to Trader Joe's in Rochester on Monday. I need wine or a beach or something where I don't cut and glue....

When I'm flustered, Anthropologie makes me happy....I love these Kandalini sandals. They are beautiful...the bead work is just so pretty! With a dress or cuffed boyfriend jeans... perfect!

Yesterday I was featuring yarn bowls and I since came across this super charming one that says "Knit Purl"'s so sweet. Love these bowls for when you're knitting outside in the warm weather and you need to keep your yarn safe & clean. Created by Muddyheart on Etsy.

I'm always looking for new handspun yarn and I love a bulky, unique texture. HookaholicHandspun on Etsy has really great yarns to peek at. It looks super soft and I love the variation throughout. Happy Knitting! xo

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