Monday, June 17, 2013

Outdoor Retreats

One of my favorite things about my home is that we have three areas to sit outside and enjoy a breezy day. Our front porch is covered and I love that during a big rainstorm. Our upper porch in the back of the house is pretty to have coffee after dinner. And our back patio is my work in progress to landscape. This patio was not there when we purchased the house six years ago. So, each year I add to the perennial flower bed a bit. Hostas are my favorite for their hardy abundance but I love adding color as well. 

I am not a fan of fencing so I love that, on all sides, ours are obscured by climbing vines and greenery. It adds a bit of privacy and looks really lush and pretty. 

This wall of crawling vine is my favorite. It stays vibrant nearly all year.

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