Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yarn Ideas

I love the idea of a yarn bowl! These pretty, glazed bowls hold your yarn in place so it doesn't roll across the floor or become victim in a game of chase with your dog or cat. Yarn bowls usually have different slits and openings. You can put it through a slit so it can be removed whenever you would like or thread it through a hole but then it stays there until your project is completed. Etsy has a wonderful selection of yarn bowls...often you can customize the size or glaze. Love these! xo

This Yarn Bowl is from the Etsy shop MorninGloriPottery

Love this bowl & it's beautiful glaze! From BearHollowPottery on Etsy.

Etsy shop, AntB, offers this beautiful bowl in a warm nutmeg glaze! Love!


  1. Have you seen the teapot yarn holder idea?? You simply place the yarn in the teapot and thread it through the spout. Tres' cute~!
    I think I saw it on Pinterest.

  2. I have seen that, too! It's super fun...Have a great weekend!