Monday, May 20, 2013

Bright Days

I often wonder if some people knit seasonally, taking a break as the weather turns warmer. I knit all year and take my knitting on our summer travels. It's like a good book....I always have my yarn and needles within reach. I found two great suppliers of hand detailed wooden needles that are unique, beautiful and whimsical! It's like they are made for fair weather knitting! xo

Love these wooden & painted needles from Soup to Knits on Etsy!

Peace Fleece Needles from Scrumbobbly on Etsy. Crafted of maple & birch.


  1. I knit all year round too and am currently looking for a good holiday project. Needing a little inspiration. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Claire! I just started a scarf today in seed stitch (size 17 US needles) using Knit Collage Sister yarn in Bubble Gum. I cast on 9 stitches. It knits up so quick! I love the thick/thin super bulky texture. I had a friend purchase for me at their New York shop but I know you can buy online at I use a lot of Colinette yarn as well. I always find great ideas at
    Have a great weekend! Karen