Friday, May 10, 2013

Long, cozy days...

Remember when you were little and days used to feel like they lasted forever? I want my girls to step away a bit from all the running here & there and have a moment to simply enjoy that feeling of contentment. 

I'm still working on my youngest daughters room, removing any clutter and adding sweet, cozy touches. I love simple accessories that have a great vintage vibe to them. I was excited to come across Bramble & Oak on Etsy....this shop is amazingly charming! The artist lives in Ireland and uses upcycled materials to create her treasures.  Happy Friday....may your weekend be long & lingering! xo

I love the knitted detailing of the hat and scarves!


  1. Very excited to see two of my 'treasures' on your blog.
    I will keep following your finds, dreams and adventures.
    May your week-end be long and lingering too.
    Gillian (Bramble and Oak)

  2. Hi Gillian...I love your work! It was hard to pick just two to feature but Modern Millie just stole my heart. xo