Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jackson Five

I cannot tell you how many times I ripped out my latest project but I think I finally got it right! After four or five times of changing gauge and then switching stitches, I'm well into an oversized bulky cowl that will be super soft and drapey. I'm knitting with Tahki Jackson yarn. I've never used this yarn before. I found it at a yarn store I seldom have a chance to drop into it. It's a great bulky wool, made in Romania, that knits up quickly. I bought it in "silver" and it's a soft grey with slubs of white running through. At about $10 a skein, for 131 yards, I thought this yarn was a great price for such nice quality. I'm using two skeins for my cowl and combining it with a dove grey kid mohair. Happy Knitting! xo


  1. Hope you post a pic when you're done. A perfect choice for a cowl-such a cozy texture & warm tones. -Alanna Casey

  2. Thanks Alanna! I will post....I'm hoping for a marathon knitting night this evening. It's a very chilly 40 degrees out....perfect for tea & a movie.