Friday, May 17, 2013

Tiny details

The last two weeks have been crazy busy and in an attempt to get the big things done it's easy to overlook the small details of everyday. Yesterday I took time to do the hardwood floors and polish the woodwork. Not because I didn't have zillions of other places to be but I needed to slow down and stop rushing and concentrate on something simple and immediately gratifying. 

I did go to Tesori the other day & bought the prettiest Susan Zulauf earthenware dishes. They are a bold floral...perfect for when I host book club and for serving appetizers. I'll photograph them this weekend. I also found this tassel for the front foyer door.  I love tiny details and this tassel is a bit oversized and I love the material....kind'of a mix of twine, wool & hemp. 

If you're looking for a great free pattern for a quick weekend project....I love this cowl from Ravelry. Contributed by Nina: A Well-Knit Shop. Knit with Misti Alpaca on a size 17 US needle,  I love that it's bulky and cozy. This cowl is hip & fun and yet has the perfect vintage inspired vibe to it. With a fitted tee and jeans.... this would be super cute!

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