Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Lit Up

A few years back, I read the book Almost French by Sarah Turnbell. It's the true story of the author moving from Australia to France and all the newness and adventure that came with that. One part of the novel that has stayed with me is when she speaks of French homes. There is a standard she refers to that no matter what the state of the rest of the house....the front room (I prefer parlour, it sounds far more enchanting!!) should always be ready to receive guests. I just love that notion. There's something so relaxing and welcoming about a well pulled together room.  It can set the tone for a visit or an evening. I try to abide by this idea at my house. Believe me....look for the chaos and you will find it but I really try to keep our livingroom welcoming....whether for guests or just us.

I keep the wise words in Almost French in mind never more so than lately. It seems that our busy schedules are even more hectic than usual. So many school related activities and running around. I love coming home at the end of a crazy day, getting a fire going and lighting lots of candles. They add to the relaxing feel of the house and they simply smell amazing. I have several different ones that I love but this Jonathan Adler line is one of my very favorites. I prefer candles that have a layered scent. Nothing overly floral....I like my scents to be more warm based. Jonathan Adler's Big Sur Forest is a soy paraffin candle that is a great blend of warm cedar, bergamot, nutmeg and vetiver. It looks beautiful and it just smells perfectly spicy and cozy!

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