Friday, March 22, 2013

Project Baking

I need a baking project this weekend. We are not traveling for the Easter holiday and I have two daughters who are more than a little disappointed. So, I'm not above trying to change the tone of the house with food. If the house smells amazing and there's treats to be found...who can stay grumpy?? After a bit of searching, I came across a recipe for a yummy brownie bar called Carmelita's. They are a perfect blend of caramel and chocolate chips. I've been addicted to caramel lately and these sound sweet and rich...I can't wait to make them! One look at the photo and I knew I found the perfect dessert . This Carmelita recipe is from the blog Lulu the Baker. Her recipes are just the best...check her out! Do you have a favorite weekend treat? xo

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