Friday, March 22, 2013

Still snowing....

I'm beginning to sound a bit like a weather girl...but it's nearly April and we got another inch of snow overnight! Crazy weather...but cozy, too. (I knit obsessively....I guess it's a given, I like cold...I like cozy!) I've been writing a lot about shopping local and how I try to always support small businesses.... whether in the immediate area or online. I feel like you remember the history of those purchases so much can often say exactly when you bought an item, where, what you were doing that day, who you were with. I love that. I have some great handcrafted pillows and I have one that I found on Etsy that is my favorite. This vintage inspired pillow is from the shop Enhabiten and I bought it years ago during the holidays. (I'm also a big believer in the one gift for you, one gift for me theory of shopping!) It's hand sewn with a boiled wool plaid, a beautiful upholstery fabric and a cream hand knit wool. It closes with a great vintage zipper and is backed with a soft tea stained hemp material that contributes to it's vintage feel. Together, these textures and variations are amazing. I very much lean towards warm colors and I currently have an addiction to burnt pumpkin (the word "orange" bugs me...)  This pillow pairs well with well as mossy green, chocolate brown and cream.  If you're out shopping this weekend...Happy Hunting! xo

A perfect blend of hand knitting, vintage fabric and a warm plaid wool.

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