Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yarn, Needles, Music...

When I knit, I get all wrapped up in the whole experience. I need my coffee, a cozy, uninterrupted spot to settle into...ideally good music. (On the music note...someone recently introduced me to the amazing work of Ray did I not know about him??!) I'm all about picking out a great yarn and then needles. I cannot say enough about how needles totally set the tone for knitting for me. Metal needles seem to hold the cold so I knit primarily with wooden. I am the biggest fan ever of Lantern Moon. The quality and workmanship of this brand is outstanding....their needles are like art. The company itself is all about fair wages, sustainable resources and giving back. I use their products as often as favorite being my two toned, hardwood needles in rosewood (size 17 US). They seem to get smoother and warmer feeling with age. They are like the perfect jeans...they just make me happy!

My very favorite thing about the beginning of spring is ditching my coats and just needing a sweater and scarf! I am just starting a long, thick/think bulky scarf using Knit Collage Sister Yarn in Rich Eggplant. I feel like I have about three knitting projects going at one time right now...which throws me off a bit. I think I'm more of a one project at a time girl. I'm always curious if other people knit multiple projects at once or not...any thoughts?? Happy Knitting! xo



  1. Gorgeous knitting needles! They must be a dream to knit with! And I love your blog! I'm following you on Twitter now too and I will love spending more time here.



  2. Maitri...Thank you for your very kind note & for following my blog! Best Regards, Karen

  3. Beautiful yarn and needles. I was just saying to someone that I have TEN projects on the needles right now, plus spinning. Honestly, it stresses me out because I feel like I don't finish anything. I do, just not fast.

  4. Thanks for your note Kim. The best part of knitting is coming across a new idea! But I get addicted & have everything going at once! xo