Monday, March 25, 2013

Pixie Dust

I love combining yarns...working with two favorite yarns at once to make something completely different and unique. When I am teaching knitting, new students are amazed at how you can add the thinnest kid mohair to a chunky, bulky yarn and a new look emerges. I feel like it makes anyone's yarn stash open to endless possibility. I've been writing about my addiction to Knit Collage Sister Yarn. I am excited to mix it with their Pixie Dust yarn. I love all the colors but especially the Midnight and Mango Glitter. The entire grouping is a mix of mohair, wool and pixie dust for a bit of sparkle. I live in upstate New York...about a six hour drive from Purl Soho in Manhattan. I constantly think it would be a great weekend adventure to go check out their Broome Street store. 

 Last week at class, I taught one woman to fringe her first scarf. I brought in some of my yarns in mohair, angora and a boucle to mix into her black wool. I save every leftover yarn I have for fringing. I love mixing all the textures together. A local yarn store once had a coffee table that held all the left over yarns from their classes. You could sit forever and peek through looking for tiny pieces to add to a scarf you were fringing. I loved that more than anything. You could always find a little something unique to grab at no charge and in return, leave some yarn left from your latest project. I'm thinking of having a yarn swap at an upcoming class for just this purpose. What's your favorite yarn ever? I'd love to hear...Happy Knitting! xo

mango glitter

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