Monday, March 18, 2013

Knit. Borrow. Knit. Borrow.

Confession....I may be a selfish knitter. I knit lots of things for myself it seems. I did do fingerless gloves this past holiday season as gifts but often I see a yarn and think "This would be great as a cowl with my Frye boots....or leggings....or pea coat". I could go on......

Sometimes, knitting for someone else is just a matter of finding the perfect inspiration. You see something and it just reminds you of a specific person. It could be television, a magazine article or someone walking by wearing something eye catching. Example: I saw a scarf over this past weekend and it is the greatest guy scarf: Terrific color. Masculine. Good texture. It is just beautiful. And....lastly, not only is it a type of scarf I would love to knit, it's a scarf I would then like to borrow.....  

I'm always curious about what's on everyone else's needles! Who are you knitting for now?? xo

I stumbled upon this on a wonderful Stockholm site called Aplace. They have amazing clothing and accessories (esp. their iPad cases!). Clean lines, outstanding quality.
 Lion Brand 418313 Hometown USA (Google Affiliate Ad)


  1. Commissioned fingerless gloves (yes, just before spring!)... BUT, I am eyeballing a lacy scarf as well as a lacy sweater that I really want to knit for myself!

  2. Your lacy scarf idea sounds so pretty, Angela! My daughters play outdoor spring sports and fingerless gloves are perfect for chilly evenings watching their games. Happy Knitting!

    1. Ah! Living here on the Gulf Coast where temps are already flirting with the 90's some days, I forget that many parts of the country are still just beginning to thaw!

    2. I's snowing sideways here! Looking forward to warmer days ahead. Enjoy the sun!

  3. I love this scarf - perfect for the entire family!