Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hotel Vintage

I love putting thought into setting a great table for a casual meal or get other. Whether a Saturday night meal or book club, unique linens and silverware set the tone for the evening. My favorite addition to entertaining is vintage silverware. I love coming across hotel silverware from the 1920's and 30's. You can find pieces at estate sales, auctions, online or in tiny antique stores.  Some have a beaded trim, others are monogrammed...most are finely inscripted with the hotel name of where they were used. Recently, I bought a grouping from the Hotel Statler. They are amazing. I started to polish the silver this morning and they just come to life. This hotel is a landmark in our area. I also love the pieces I purchased because they are monogrammed with an "S"...which bonus for me....is also my initial! They just hold so much history. You can completely imagine them being used at dinners with big bands and swishy fringed dresses! xo


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