Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes

After warmer weather this past weekend, the cold has blown back in and brought snow flurries with it. Being a winter person...I love the idea of a bit more time for blustery evenings and building good fires. As pretty as spring is, I always am reluctant to give up the chilly, cozy nights of winter.
I have been writing a lot about my knitting class and offering the students various ideas on yarn and supplies. I encourage everyone there to support small businesses... both local and not local as well. I just love purchasing from shops that put their soul into the products they carry and their customer service. I recently came across Purl Soho and just love it! Located in New York City, you can purchase from this knitting boutique on line. I could spend hours peeking through all they's like an apothecary of all things yarn & knitting! 
I love their Super Soft Merino's a quite bulky Peruvian wool, the colors are looks ideal for a long, wrappy scarf. Shown below are a tiny just sampling of my favorites: Toasted Charcoal and Oyster Grey. It's impossible to decide on just one color! As always, I love to hear your suggestions! Happy Knitting!

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