Friday, April 19, 2013

A Vintage Vibe

I am in love with fashion influences from the 1920's - 1940's era. I love the way this style is continually reflected in fashion today. Whether it be the current huge success of Downton Abbey or the constant presence through the years of Chanel, this influence is so inspiring right now. 

I love antique shopping & coming across great fashion finds. I have a small collection of vintage handbags that are my favorite going out pieces. This silver antique bag is completely hand crafted in Japanese seed beads. The white and silver is a great combination with the gold clasp. It's perfect with everything from cocktail dresses to skinny jeans.
Love the simple timeless design of the beadwork.

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  1. There are some amazing handbag designers these days. One of my favorites a while back was "The Real Monica", Monica Lewinsky's handbag company. She had an amazing knack for design, and I thought about buying a bag for the longest time, but the prices just kept going up and up until it was out of my league. She closed her company after a few years and from what I understand is trying to live a low-profile life.

    Here in NH, we have Becky Oh!, who is a well known handbag designer at artisan/craft fairs throughout New England and beyond:
    One of these days I want to visit her studio. A friend of mine bought at least one of her bags and raves about the quality.

    Such fun!

  2. Hi Alanna. Thanks for your note. Monica Lewinsky did seem to do quit well for a while with that creative outlet. Hopefully she will take on another venture soon. I peeked at the bags by Becky Oh! Her work is great and how wonderful that she's carried in stores internationally. It's interesting that she originally was a sculptor. She sounds like a fabulous artist! xo