Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Bee

Come the weekend, I find nothing more relaxing than quiet time in the kitchen. I find I constantly go back to my favorite recipes (like risotto) that take a while to prepare, can't be rushed and give you time to just enjoy the process. I also have certain staples for cookware & cutlery that are my all time best kitchen pieces. One of my very favorite things are my Laguiole knives. Crafted in France, Laguiole knives have become an iconic part of cooking. The name symbolizes the countryside region that's been crafting knives since the time of Napoleon. The bee that is on each knife is the trademark symbol of these French knives. I love the quality and history of these knives. And....they are just simply beautiful to use. 

I just love the buttery ivory colored handles on these knives.
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