Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All in the Details

Last nights knitting class was great. Students each have their individual projects going on and I love hearing about their yarn preferences as they become more familiar with different weights and fibers. Each week, I bring to class ideas that I find online as well as displaying work that I've completed in the past. We've chatted about saving all your left over matter how small...because there's so many times when you are looking for a unique detail to add to your project. I showed some examples of how I love fringing my scarves with lots of different yarns which then add a totally different element of texture.

The cowl project I'm currently working on is from Knit 1 LA. One of my very favorite sites....everything featured is so inspiring! Perfect project ideas for any skill level. Happy Knitting! xo

Some of my favorite yarns that I've saved...

My current cowl project using Cascade Magnum yarn (warm, burnt orange: Color # 9463)

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