Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Sense of Community

There are some yarns that I love knitting with so much that I'm almost a bit sad when I'm at the end of a project. I definitely always feel that way about Knit Collage Sister Yarn and I feel that now about this great burnt orange Cascade Magnum super bulky yarn. I'm at the end of working on my cowl that I found on Knit 1 LA. I have been in love with this site (and constantly writing about it!) since coming across it just a few months ago. I didn't realize until this past weekend there's another related site, Knit 1 (Chicago), that is equally as inspiring! I love the knitting community...seeing different stores & hearing what people are working on. Feel free to comment on your latest creation. xo

Love the cozy, beautiful richness of this yarn!

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