Sunday, April 28, 2013

Silver Maple Magic

I recently spent a bit of my morning gathering small white stones to make a pathway for our resident gnome. We have an enormous silver maple in our front yard that I love. I appreciate it in even more so since, about 5 years back, we had what came to be called The October Surprise and were hit with a freak snow storm that....because the trees still had so many leaves on them....downed a great majority of the trees in this area. It was a huge no mail, no school for 5 days storm. But our front tree survived and I adore it. So, this week I worked a little magic and it's now a Home For A Gnome. My youngest daughter said..."Oh, that just makes me smile!" Yes, exactly.

If you have a gnome in need of a home, this shop on Etsy can help! xo

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  1. Thanks Carrie! The Etsy shop that creates these is really terrific!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Karen. I'm glad you added the link, but the Etsy store doesn't ship to Canada :( I'm going to have to track down one of those adorable doors up here.

  3. Thanks for your note Jennifer! I'm glad you found the doors charming too!
    Happy Weekend xo